Welcome to Miss Wine Country

The mission of Miss Wine Country is to promote California Wines to a new generation. The generation we are targeting is the young X generation. To achieve this we have developed a campaign using spokes models which this particular generation seems to relate to. “Paris Hilton and Carl’s Jr. comes to mind.” We are beginning this promotion with the competition for spokes models themselves. It will culminate this first year in the form of a calendar. Each month of this calendar will be sponsored by a winery. During the live completition each month (300 VIP guests) will feature sponsored wines that night. The chosen model will then do a one day photo shoot at the winery for the final calendar shot. All photos from the on sight winery shoot will be available for use in any of the wineries printed promotional materials.

Nordling Studios

Nordling Studios, a co-founder of Miss Wine Country, offers 30 years of experience in photography and working with models to create new concepts in marketing and advertising. Jon Nordling will be scouting many beautiful locations throughout the wine country in the months to come that will offer the new wine taster the flavor of things to come. As we create this new wine awareness through the use of Miss Wine Country spokes models and calendar productions, we look forward to meeting many of the wine growers throughout California.